Homesteading Like a Gangster


We aren’t real homesteaders… we are… gangster homesteaders because we live in the middle of the city and we figure things out by getting our hands dirty, like from dirt. Over the past 5 years Ammon and I have found ourselves doing more projects than we would like to admit. These projects seem to be summed up under the umbrella of “homesteading”.

The deeper into homesteading we get, the more we realize three things: first, homesteading is not as hard as it seems. Second, the economical and emotional security is refreshing! And third, creating a space full of value, peace and love is key in building relationships with your family and yourself. We hope that you will be able to find the same joy as you start your journey into the gangsta lyfe!


  1. Gardening Basics – like the nitty gritty essentials, not the fluff
  2. Composting – turning trash into treasure, literally.
  3. Getting started with Chickens – if the apocalypse comes, you’ll thank me.
  4. Canning and Pickling – 10% hard, 90% doable, NOT 100% intimidating.
  5. Buying Beef – saving you loads of money + securing your food storage.
  6. Brewing Kombucha – healthy, fun, and easy.
  7. Sourdough Starter – the best carbs you’ll ever eat! Guaranteed!